Homeschooling program of Books + Internet + Curriculum

The HomeLearn Launchpad program is a combination of:

• Personal support for career advice, work experience and traineeships.
• Integrated Units of work including a core 'reader' and 'worksheets' downloaded from the secure site.
• A Website with links to Internet resources and support.
• All program and curriculum notes to satisfy moderators.
• Connections with other HomeLearn Launchpad students

The Units are available on a yearly schedule - 3 per term and 12 for the year.
They include the core 'reader', Suggested Unit Plan and worksheets for English, Science and Society.

The website is used by parents and students for all the curriculum documents and support you would need to show moderators. For students there is an extensive range of materials related to the topic work and reading level, including links to internet websites and videos that relate to the topic work and for unit Quizzes to check their understanding. HomeLearn is an authorised licensee of the Learning A-Z programs in Australia, and these downloadable readers are included in some courses, while licensed copies of 'Heinemann English Project' series readers are included for some other courses. The web site is also a way of connecting with other HomeLearn Launchpad members, and with advice and support for careers, work experience and traineeships.

Because the topics are in the same sequence for all, excursions or get-togethers can be organised that relate to the theme of the unit.

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