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Colleges are preparing kids for an economy that no longer exists

[Tuesday 25th July 2017]

We found an interesting article that 'rang some alarm bells' about the 'plight' of education recently.

It was from a 'blog' called 'Future Money Trends' and was entitled "Colleges Continue to Scam Parents and Students". The full original article can be found at:

The article is from America, and their term 'College' is the equivalent to our 'University' in Australia, but our 'colleges' make a strong point of seeing themselves as preparing students for the very thing this article is talking about, so you could see a similar connection with 'colleges' and 'schools' as well. There are some details that are a little different between the two countries, but the basic principles are still very much the same.

The writer, Daniel Ameduri, makes some interesting points that are very relevant for your child when thinking about education and 'schooling'.

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The Factory Model Education System needs to be Reinvented

[Wednesday 22nd March 2017]

We recently came across a blog post by a gentleman called Charles Hugh-Smith which struck some interesting chords with how we view home education.

The full view of his post can be found at:

He is talking about the US education system, but his comments apply equally well to Australia and most western nations.

One interesting quote from his article is this:

"Our 'factory model' funnels hundreds or thousands of students into set courses within large mechanistic plants, regardless of their individual attributes, strengths and weaknesses. Like an assembly line of manufactured items, some students are "rejects" who couldn't make the "quality control" grade, and they're thrown on the scrap pile."

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