Homeschooling with Levels to suit all students

Often senior secondary is thought of as only being suitable for those with good academic performance, but ALL students reach that 'age' and ALL students need an appropriate program to help them 'launch' into life ... students should not and can not just 'sit' and keep on studying and studying before they can step into the world of work and life. In fact, the economic reality of our society is that a University education does NOT guarantee you a great job. That was the 'key' when the current school teachers went to school, but that was 20 years ago!! The world has moved on ... and is leaving them behind.

Please note that this is not to say that a University education has NO value, but the best path is no longer to do that FIRST ... employers are looking for people they can 'trust' and possibly 'train', and no longer put much trust in 'ivory tower' degrees. (In some countries you can easily cheat and 'buy' one of those!!) A better path is to get IN to the world of work, get yourself known and experienced, and get a 'real' background ... THEN, if you find it is important to gain a University degree, you have all the background and experience behind you to do a great job and really succeed at that!!

The other mistaken idea that totally dominates 'normal' senior secondary education, is that students should be DIVIDED ... into what we call the 'sheep' and the 'goats' ... one lot into 'academic' (only) courses and one lot into 'practical' (only) courses. BOTH are wrong! An 'ivory tower' education can lead to someone who is of no 'practical' use and can't actually work in the 'real' world, and a 'technical-only' education without continuing development of literacy and numeracy and general knowledge can lead to students just being a 'cog in the wheel', with no idea how to move when things change .... which they do!

So ... with all of that said, the HomeLearn Launchpad program provides levels to suit ALL students of senior secondary age that are ready for their 'launch'. All HomeLearn Launchpad courses are designed to take students from where they 'are', and continue to help the development of the general education needed ... and to meet 'core' requirements so that you CAN home school, and thereby benefit from continued growth and learning as well as the advantages that actually come from 'School-Based' training!

All HomeLearn Launchpad courses have age/grade appropriate 'content', particularly in Science and Society (History, Geography, Civics, Economics & Careers), so students still tackle the concepts at the right age/grade level and cover the 'core' Australian Curriculum, but it is presented in ways that use different materials depending on their reading and writing levels and needs.

This chart shows the range of courses, with the 'source' readers and language level expectations of each. Note that there is no 'grade' distinction with the courses ... only language development distinction and some level of 'age' suitability.

HomeLearn Launch Courses
Course Name Source texts Suitable for ...
RAZ-A Reading A-Z readers, levels around Y-Z students who still need quite a lot of help with writing skills
RAZ-B Reading A-Z readers, levels Z-Z+ students who have moved through RAZ A but still need help with writing skills, or better readers who need the writing skill support
ENG PRO-A Heinemann English Project readers - one book covers two Units students with good reading and writing skills, needing a general academic course
ENG PRO-B Heinemann English Project readers - one book covers two Units students who have moved through PRO-A and still need to continue with a general academic course
CGEA Victorian CGEA support thematic books students, generally 16+, who need a practical work-based focus
ENG LIT Various - videos and novels students, generally 16+, with excellent reading and writing skills, needing to extend their writing
FLEXI External TAFE course support or alternative students needing a flexible self-structured learning program - generally for age 17 or beyond