Sign Up to try an Australian Homeschool program

You can use this link to sign up to HomeLearn for your starter (trial) pack.

Please be aware that we will only refund your DEPOSIT if you change you mind and do not continue but will NOT REFUND other amounts if you have failed to understand what you are signing up for.

HomeLearn is a program to support you with 'homeschooling'. We are NOT a 'school' and this is NOT 'distance education' where some authority looks after your child's education for you. If you do not understand the difference please read our blog post at: and our FAQ about the parent's role at:

Signup is on a 'per child' basis - if you wish to sign up more than one child you will need to repeat this process for each.

Please note that this low starter price really is DIY, with information on our secure website to guide you, along with some general email support (but NO telephone support).


If you are wanting to proceed with this DIY enrolment option, please read the following points before you buy so you know what our process is.

You are being Enrolled in a program of study tailored to your child, and this takes a process;
You are NOT buying an 'off the shelf' 'sent straight to you' 'one size fits all' package.
Please do NOT just pay and then sit back hoping something will turn up at your door.

The 'Buy Now' button leads to PayPal which will allow you to pay the $99.95 for the first pack plus refundable deposit, using credit or debit card (or paypal account if you have one).

After the payment process with Paypal is complete you should see a link that says: Return to Epangelia Pty Ltd. . Please be on the lookout for this.
This is the link to our Enrolment Form.
Please note this is NOT the details you give to Paypal - it is a seperate Enrolment Form on the HomeLearn site.
PLEASE make sure you complete the Enrolment Form fully and carefully as it makes it much quicker to get you set up on the system.

As soon as possible after we get the notification of payment and the completed Enrolment Form, we will email you with your parent log in details.
This will allow you to access the "Checking Reading Levels" section, with instructions on how to determine your child's reading and writing levels./>Once we have the results of that we can organize the course at the right ourse level, and set up full parent and student access to the website.
You will also have access to the "Student Curriculum Statement" section, which will help you prepare curriculum documentation to show Education Department moderators that you are getting your program together.

This payment gives you ONE unit of work for ONE child as a way to fully evaluate the program. It is a 'trial' in the sense that you are not under obligation to continue, but you still get full resources and materials for that ONE unit plus all support and documentation to help you get your program started and approved. Units of work are nominally 3 weeks (the full program has 3 per term) but you will have around 6 weeks of access to evaluate the program and make your informed decision. If you decide not to continue please let us know and we will refund your $50 deposit.

If you DO NOT get an email reply from us (not just the Paypal receipt) within 24 hours (except weekends), PLEASE contact us, as the email details may not be working correctly. Getting this email communication established is critical to getting things working for you.

Use the PayPal button below to make payment for your Initial Unit.
This will debit $99.95, which includes $50 deposit.

Initial Trial Unit
Your name & email **
Student Name and Age (yrs) **

If you do not want to use Paypal, please contact us about other possible options.