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Colleges are preparing kids for an economy that no longer exists

[Tuesday 25th July 2017]

We found an interesting article that 'rang some alarm bells' about the 'plight' of education recently.

It was from a 'blog' called 'Future Money Trends' and was entitled "Colleges Continue to Scam Parents and Students". The full original article can be found at:

The article is from America, and their term 'College' is the equivalent to our 'University' in Australia, but our senior secondary 'colleges' make a strong point of seeing themselves as preparing students for the very thing this article is talking about, so you could see a similar connection with 'colleges' and 'schools' as well. There are some details that are a little different between the two countries, but the basic principles are still very much the same.

The writer, Daniel Ameduri, makes some interesting points that are very relevant for your child when thinking about education and 'schooling'.

Some interesting quotes from the article:

"Colleges have convinced nearly everyone that you need a degree to be an effective employee or higher-income adult, but this is just not true. I can tell you as an employer that I’ve never asked a single person what their grades were and I’ve never asked to see a degree.

The ugly truth is the ones with college degrees usually end up writing SEO articles for $15 an hour and the skilled workers who’ve been writing code as a hobby or editing videos for years on a MAC end up as managers making $75+ per hour."

He then goes on to say that "Young people today who sign up for college are committing to 3 things.":

• 1. Debt

• 2. Four unproductive years

• 3. A workforce that isn't there

The third point is, perhaps, the most important. The world and the economy has changed! ... and schools and 'colleges' seem to have missed it.

The 'brave new world' is looking for entrepreneurs, people with creativity and new ideas and self motivation. The 'school' system is designed to produce 'conformity' and 'standardised' packaged products. There is a complete mismatch!

So ... what has this got to do with homeschooling and HomeLearn in particular?

HomeLearn LAunchapd programs are tailored to your child's individual needs to that they can succeed as 'individuals' with their own uniqueness and creativity, without having to spend 80-90% of the time 'conforming' .... to uniforms, timetables, group structures, standardised tests ... all those things that characterise the 'school system'.

There IS a better way! Why not take a look!