Senior Secondary Homeschooling with Themes and topics in Sequence

A 'thematic' approach is often used in primary school, but high school, and particularly senior high school, totally abandons that to just focus on 'subjects'. What they do with this is also throw out the context and meaning 'baby', with the 'bathwater' - it all becomes about 'detail, detail, detail' and the 'big picture' is almost non-existent. The HomeLearn Launchpad program continues to use a 'thematic' approach, to keep that 'big picture' while still having work related to the different subject 'details'.

The program is built around a sequence of "themes" or Units to make sure that the full curriculum for Science and Society (History, Geography, Civics, Careers & Economics) is covered over the course of the year.

There is a close integration between the English, Science and Society, and the suggested plan moves from one to the other through the Unit of work.

All grade/course levels have the same Science theme at the same time, and these are also shared with our junior school sister site, HomeLearn, for PP-Year 9, so cross-age and family group activities and excursions are possible.

This chart shows a typical sequence, in this case for the "English Project A" course.
You can 'mouse over' cells on this chart for more explanation (desktop browsers)

ENGPRO A (English Project A) Course

Book Science Topic Society Topic
everyday.gif resources.jpg conservation.jpg
everyday.jpg weather2.jpg conservation.jpg processB.jpg
sports.jpg earthforces.jpg citizenship.jpg
sports.jpg astronomy.jpg careers.jpg processB.jpg
paragraphs.jpg energy.jpg naturalbuiltA.jpg
paragraphs.jpg motion.jpg naturalbuilt.jpg processB.jpg
rabbit.jpg ecosystems.jpg culture.jpg
rabbit.jpg livingthings.jpg culture.jpg processB.jpg
visual.jpg reproduction.jpg economics.jpg
visual.jpg adaptation.jpg economicsA.jpg processB.jpg
shrek.jpg chemstructure.jpg historyB.jpg
shrek.jpg chemreactionsB.jpg historyB.jpg processB.jpg