HomeLearn Launchpad ... think outside the "box"!

HomeLearn Launchpad is advertised as "Senior Secondary ... but not as you know it!" That is because this program is VERY different to almost all other school programs. So, forget about what others think is "normal" and start thinking "outside the box".

Let's start with one BIG difference ... schools seem to think that the stuff you do at school is "everything" ... we are here to tell you that it is NOT! Important and helpful, Yes, but not "everything".

The world has changed since the Principals and teachers went to school, but they, and their system are still stuck back with that thinking ... (see our blog post called: "Colleges are preparing kids for an economy that no longer exists." for more about this). The point of saying this is not to 'bash' the system, but to let you know that there actually IS something outside ... something BETTER!
HomeLearn Launchpad is here to help you find that 'something better'.

So, what is the first 'key' to this path towards something better?

Almost all schools divide senior secondary students down two very different paths depending on how 'smart' THEY think you are ... that is, 'smart' at THEIR stuff! So, one group ... the 'smarties' ... get pushed into lots of highly stressful 'brain' work - hard slogging study, crazy stressful exams. And the 'other' group ... they go and get 'trained' to do the 'practical' stuff!

HomeLearn Launchpad is different! ... and so, actually, is the 'real' world of work outside the school "box".

The first 'key' is that, to succeed and 'launch' yourself into a career and into a satisfying working 'life', you need to recognise that you need BOTH 'real-world' practical experience AND some study as well!

The second 'key' is about recognising that each student is different - each individual person has their own individual differences ... you like some things! ... you are good at some things! ... some things you hate, and some you can't do well ... that is the reality of ALL people on this earth. The school 'system' tries to fit everyone on the same 'production line', through the same steps and the same time ... every individual, different person ... and if you don't cope with or fit that mold or that pace then you are made to think that there is something wrong with YOU! .... it is NOT you ... it is the SYSTEM! You are YOU! ... unique, individual, 'good-at-some-things-not-so-good-at-others' YOU!

And the HomeLearn Launchpad program is here to help each individual 'escape' from the "box"!