Homeschooling that Covers all Subjects

The HomeLearn Launchpad program provides support to cover all the subject areas of the Australian Homeschool Curriculum.

• All subject work springboards from the English, which is set at the student's Literacy Level.
• Science and Society (History, Geography, Civics, Economics & Careers) work covers the concepts and curriculum at an appropriate literacy level for the student.
• A guide is given for covering Electives - following the student's own interests, or through suggestions for Sport/Health, Arts, LOTE, and Technology (SALT) that relate to the Unit theme.
• Maths Projects are given that provide practical application of maths concepts related to the theme, but you will need an additional maths 'skills' resource for this subject.

This picture is the same 'clickable' map that directs students through the homeschool curriculum and to the different subjects on the website.

Click on the 'subject' boxes for more information about each, or use the Menu links above.