Our Homeschooling Vision

For many years we have heard the cries of those whose children don't "fit in" to conventional school, who struggle with learning and self-esteem in what seem to be heartless places. So many, including us, have seen the inadequacies and longed for alternatives. We have known brave people who have made the drastic step to take their children out of school and "homeschool" them, but then have floundered through lack of understanding and resources. These cries need to be heard and we are being drawn to help.

We have also worked in school systems that seem rigid and unchanging, using concepts and structures more fitting with the industrial revolution of the 1800s than the digital age of this new millennium; systems that treat the students as packages on an assembly line rather than as unique individuals with their own unique gifts and styles. The biblical verse to "train up a child in the way he should go" is interpreted as pushing them all down some narrow path that will produce that ideal "package". This is not what that verse means - the words in the original text mean "according to his bent or gifting or natural style". It is the nurturing of these individual giftings that inspires us.

There is more: promptings, ideas, dreams in the night of something better - all of which has convinced us that we need to do something ... there has to be a better way. HomeLearn is an attempt to find that better way.

Chapter 13 of Hebrews in the Bible says that the Old Covenant (method) only brings a reminder of sins (failures); the New Covenant (method) brings real forgiveness (a new start, a new opportunity). It is our hope that students (and parents) will find a new start and a new opportunity with HomeLearn.