Homeschooling with Levels to suit your child

One of the key features of the HomeLearn system is the matching of age level content, particularly in Science and Society (History, Geography, Civics, Economics & Careers), to the student's different reading accuracy and comprehension levels.

Students still tackle the concepts at the right age level and cover the full Australian Curriculum, but it is presented in ways that step off from the core reading books at their reading level and at appropriate timing. In this way they have context for their learning - they are 'learning to read' while 'reading to learn'.

This chart shows the range of Science and Society courses to match the reading levels AND the age level.
Click each cell on this chart and you should find one that matches your student's learning needs and/or listen to the audio explaing this table and the levels system:

Cougar Lion Tiger Bobcat Leopard Panther Other Courses
Pre-Primary |
Age 6&7

Age 8&9

Age 10&11
Age 12&13
Age 13/14

Senior Sec.