Sign Up to try an Australian Homeschool program

You can use this link to sign up to HomeLearn for your starter (trial) pack.

Please be aware that we will only refund your DEPOSIT if you change you mind and do not continue but will NOT REFUND other amounts if you have failed to understand what you are signing up for.

HomeLearn is a program to support you with 'homeschooling'. We are NOT a 'school' and this is NOT 'distance education' where some authority looks after your child's education for you. If you do not understand the difference please read our blog post at: and our FAQ about the parent's role at: Also, please read our 'Memorandum of Understanding' to know what we do and what is required of parents using our program at:

Signup is on a 'per child' basis - if you wish to sign up more than one child you will need to repeat this process for each. (... but there are some alternative 'non-trial' ways to sign up additional children after the first has been signed.)

Please note that this low starter price really is DIY, with information on our secure website to guide you, along with email support to help you get a program started (but NO telephone support).


If you are wanting to proceed with this DIY enrolment option, please click the 'Next' button to a page which describes the principles of homeschooling that our program operates under: