Homeschooling while you are travelling

The HomeLearn program can be used while you are travelling ... around Australia or even overseas.

As the program is a combination of materials posted (for most levels) plus access to resources from the secure web site, both of these aspects need to be considered and allowed for while you are travelling.

Firstly, the delivery of the 'packs' is normally by post for primary level and support courses, because the readers used are a very important and key part of it and there is no better way than a 'real' reader. The Unit packs are posted on a set schedule, so if you are travelling around Australia all you need to do is keep aware of the posting dates and keep us updated of an address to send the next pack to. That can be different each month if you are moving fairly quickly, and should be 'in advance' in case the pack gets left behind. For most secondary courses the 'packs' can be downloaded from the secure web site or we can arrange to email in special cases. When overseas we will NOT use 'snail mail' post (too slow and too much chance of loss) but we will use the download and/or email options.

Secondly, you will need to have 'some' access to internet while you are travelling. This does not need to be 'full-time' high quality ... our program does not involve any video-conferencing or similar high-demand connections. If you can watch a You-Tube video, you have enough speed, and if you can download and print some other items you probably have enough 'bandwidth' and resources. Mobile broadband should be fine in most places, or you can use 'telecentres' or 'internet cafes' of libraries. We generally suggest you would need access for an hour or two at least every couple of days, but it is possible to juggle with longer stretches if needed.

One last aspect related to travelling is the choice between 'homeschooling' and 'distance education'. In most states, 'distance education' is not available by 'choice' but only if you are (a) travelling, (b) in a remote location where you can't access a school, or (c) there is a medically-provable reason why the child can not attend school. If you are travelling, then reason (a) can apply, so you would be eligible for distance education from your state Education Department. Read our FAQ on the role of parents or our Blog post on homeschooling versus distance education if you are not sure of the difference. If you want distance education, contact your Education Department; If you are looking for 'homeschooling' we can definitely help.