Homeschooling that supports Special learning Needs

At HomeLearn we are very aware that many parents choose homeschooling as an option because their child is not fitting in at school, and this is often because their learning needs and style is different.

Every student with HomeLearn is treated as special, and every student's needs and aspirations are different, so the HomeLearn structures are designed to treat each student (and parent) separately and differently. Options are available at a range of reading levels and maths skill levels within each "grade" level, and placement assessment is an integral part of the process so we can ensure the courses are ideally suited to you child's specific learning needs.

HomeLearn also has consultants that are experienced with helping students with special learning needs and, where it would be helpful, we will direct you towards other resources that may be able to more fully support your child's individual needs.

Note that the Australian Curriculum has provisions for students with 'special education needs', and our approach is to apply this to all students, so that all students have an individual, tailored program that best suits their educational needs.