Homeschooling with Affordable pricing

We do try to make sure that our pricing is very reasonable.

Payment is on a 'per child' and 'per Unit' basis

By 'Unit' we mean a full 'integrated' Unit of work covering all subjects and scheduled to last about 3/4 weeks, including ...
• the integrated core Unit of work including core 'readers', student worksheets, and course notes (available by download)
• full ongoing access to the HomeLearn web site for resources, links and connections
• core English course at the right reading level including additional readers and other materials
• theme based integrated courses in Science and Society at age appropriate level and matched to core reading at right reading level
• Guidance for a Maths skills program plus real-world Maths projects matched to themes and reading level
• Course guidance and ideas for Arts, LOTE, Sport, Tech
• Guidance for producing Curriculum Statements and programs

There are three Units, scheduled about 3 weeks apart, each Term, with an allowance of time for holiday breaks.

To get started you can pay $89.95 (including $50 refundable deposit)* for your first trial pack using this online sign up link. This gives you one pack to see if it works for you. Packs normally cover 3-4 weeks work, but we do give you up to 6 weeks with your first pack as part of the 'trial'. If you like it you can then sign up to receive more packs using a regular monthly deduction or pay for 6 months in advance for reduced rates.

After that initial 'starter' payment (either a or b above), you can either pay for '6 Units in advance' at $180 ($120 each for additional children), or a regular monthly payment of $39.95 per month. ($29.95 per month for additional children). (Note: The regular monthly can sometimes fall behind the schedule - 3 weeks apart in term time - so sometimes an extra payment is invoiced to keep things flowing smoothly 'on schedule'.

(* Refundable deposit charged for all new clients. This is refunded when you finish up - after trial or later - on return of any outstanding materials and obligations)