Homeschooling with Affordable pricing

We do try to make sure that our pricing is very reasonable.

Payment is on a 'per child' and 'per Unit' basis

By 'Unit' we mean a full 'integrated' Unit of work covering all subjects and scheduled to last about 3/4 weeks, including ...
• the integrated core Unit of work including core 'readers', student worksheets, and course notes (posted out for most courses or available by download in some courses)
• full ongoing access to the HomeLearn web site for resources, links and connections
• core English course at the right reading level including additional readers and other materials
• theme based integrated courses in Science and Society at age appropriate level and matched to core reading at right reading level
• Guidance for a Maths skills program plus real-world Maths projects matched to themes and reading level
• Course guidance and ideas for Arts, LOTE, Sport, Tech
• Guidance for producing Curriculum Statements and programs

There are three Units, scheduled about 3 weeks apart, each Term, with an allowance of time for holiday breaks.

To get started, we have two options:
(a) We have our HomeLearn Assisted Service for $280 (including $50 refundable deposit)*, which will give you personalised support to step through the process of getting started, including guidance with your application for registration with your state education authority. This also includes 3 full packs - enough for a full term of work - to really get your program established! To use this option, call us on (08) 9792 4914.

(b) Alternatively, if you are confident with a more 'DIY' approach, you can pay $99.95 (including $50 refundable deposit)* for your first trial pack using this online sign up link. This gives you one pack to see if it works for you. Packs normally cover 3-4 weeks work, but we do give you up to 6 weeks with your first pack as part of the 'trial'. If you like it you can then sign up to receive more packs using a regular monthly deduction or pay for 6 months in advance for reduced rates. (**Please note that this low starter price really is DIY, with information on our secure website to guide you, along with some general email support (but NO telephone support) - if you are not already homeschooling, and are very uncertain about what to do, then this option is NOT for you ... we strongly recommend our 'Assisted' service if you are new to homeschooling and need more personal guidance through this.)

After that initial 'starter' payment (either a or b above), you can either pay for '6 Units in advance' at $240 ($180 each for additional children), or schedule a regular monthly payment of $49.95 per month* ($39.95* per month for additional children). As long as these payment plans are current and active we will supply packs 'on schedule' to keep your program flowing smoothly.

(* Refundable deposit charged for all new clients. This is refunded when you finish up - after trial or later - on return of any outstanding materials and obligations)