Memorandum of Understanding

What are the 'conditions' of using the HomeLearn program?

We, at Homelearn, really want to support you and your child in your home learning journey. Home based learning can be an amazing and defining process for both parents and children, but in the light of this, we want to make sure that there is a clear understanding of what we can and cannot do to help you in this endeavour.

The following is a set of 'understandings' that we will ask you to agree with once you get started with our program:

(a) 'homeschooling' is a legal arrangement between the 'parent' and the Education Department of the state of residence where the 'parent' accepts legal responsibility for the education of their child. (ie 'you' are responsible to the Ed Dept, not 'us')

(b) HomeLearn is not a 'school' or 'registered educational institution', but is a private 'support resource' to help parents with their obligations under this arrangement. (ie we help 'you' but do not 'do it for you')

(c) The parent is required by the Education Department to show a plan of education, to administer that education plan for their children, and to keep records as proof of successful operation. (ie 'you' need to keep all records; 'we' do not give reports or grades )

(d) At HomeLearn we regard the privacy of your personal information as very important. We only keep such information as is needed to operate and supply resources for you, and no personal information or records of progress or achievement are ever given to third parties - including the Education Department. As per item (c), that is for you to do, not us.

(e) HomeLearn will endeavour to provide resources that are at an educationally appropriate level for the individual child that will enable the parent to show coverage of the core essentials of the Australian Curriculum, along with documentation to assist in showing that coverage. (ie our materials are 'individual' and cover basic and general 'core' and are not necessarily complete 'grade' or 'school' equivalent )

(f) The state Education Department is responsible for the oversight and accreditation of any education program provided by the parent, and are the body that will issue any certification of completion of that education program. (ie ‘we’ do not issue any certificate of completion; your state Education Department does that)

(g) HomeLearn needs the parent to respond where necessary to contact, complete regular obligations such as 'reader declarations' to fulfill copyright, and to maintain the financial status of their account with us, for us to be able to continue to supply resources.