What is this thing called Homeschooling?

Many people actually misunderstand what the term 'homeschooling' actually means, and so it might be helpful to start with defining what this thing 'is' and where we fit with this.

As a helpful analogy, if you want to feed your children you can either pay a restaurant (high class silver service or lower class fast food) and they will do it for you.

If you want to stay at home you can always order ‘take-away’ but that costs roughly the same as the restaurant plus delivery costs. Alternatively, of course, you can buy groceries and cook for yourself.

If you are not a confident cook, or want some creative help, a third alternative that is now available is a form of ‘home food service’, where a company supplies a pack of ingredients and a recipe for you to follow to make one of their specially-designed meals.

If you think of ‘school’ as a restaurant (silver service private or public), and ‘distance education’ as a form of takeaway (ie restaurants that send meals to you), then ‘homeschooling’ is cooking for yourself at home ... ie you do it.

So ... if you want to homeschool you can do it yourself or you can use someone like the third alternative … HomeLearn supplies a package of ‘educational ingredients’ and a ‘recipe’ to help you ‘cook’ a great education for your child.