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Covid-19 School Closures or Self-Isolation - Can I use homeschooling to fill the gap?

[Tuesday 17th March 2020]

The Covid-19 viral infection is dominating the news and creating uncertainty everywhere.

There is a possibility that schools might be closed ... in all states or just some ... and anyone that has travelled overseas or shows a positive test for or who has been in contact with a possible Covid-19 carrier is now required to quarantine themselves through self-isolation ... and this includes children.

Many people are wondering if it is possible to use a homeschooling program like ours if this happens to them.

The short answer to this is: 'Yes' ... you can homeschool your children for just a short time if your local school is closed or you need to self-isolate... and the HomeLearn program could fill the gap as an interesting alternative.

Here are some helpful things to mention about this:

1. One concern that parents have with homeschooling is about all the 'registration' paperwork that might be needed. If schools are closed, or your child needs to be self-isolated then this is not an issue ... if you have no choice then you will not be required to register (If you find you and your child like this and you decide to stay with homeschooling - then you will need to do the 'paperwork').

2. No other homeschooling or distance education program will be doing exactly the same as your local school was doing, so unless your school is going to supply the work anything else you do will be a little different anyway ... why not try something very different!

3. The HomeLearn program is geared to people 'trying it' to see if they like it, with no lock-in contracts, and it is also designed with integrated 'self-contained' thematic Units of work ... which means you can do just one or two Units to continue an education for your child.

Perhaps this is an opportunity to give HomeLearn homeschooling a try!

To get this started you sign up ... Click here to Join Now! This costs $99.95 for the first Unit, including a $50 deposit which is refunded when you finish up with HomeLearn.