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How to Get Started with Homeschooling in Australia

[Monday 15th September 2014][Updated: February 2019]

For those wanting to get started in homeschooling, here is a basic first guide

1. First you need to register for home schooling with the Education Department in your state.

2. After you have registered, the next step is to show that you have a valid program.


• In WA you can withdraw your child from school and then begin the registration process. If you do this, make sure you notify the Principal of the child's school within 3 days of withdrawing your child that you will be home schooling

• In all other states the regulations specify that your child must remain at school until you are given 'provisional' registration or approval, but this can usually be quite quick.


In most states, someone from the Education Department (a visitor or a moderator) will visit and look at your program and the facilities you have at home. In Queensland and Victoria you need to send all of your program in to them for approval. In South Australia, you apply 'online' with program details, and then get a visit to check.

Sometimes it might be easier to explain to a real person but sometimes that can be more intimidating; you probably need to prepare for the worst and have everything ready to convince them, but you could very often be surprised at how friendly and helpful those visitors are.

To deliberately misquote a famous 'philosopher': Moderators are like a box of chocolates- You never know what you're gonna get.

If you are wanting to get started with home schooling, HomeLearn can certainly help you.