Homeschooling for Early Childhood

The HomeLearn program for Early Childhood (Up to and including Year 1) is different to the other courses.

With the other courses, we have different levels to suit different reading abilities - with Early Childhood we assume that all students are somewhere in the process of learning the basics, and so they are all given opportunity to work through language development and reading at their own level and pace.

The Early Childhood program has four separate components, each of which has it's own timing and operation, but together they cover the full curriculum for the students.

The four components are:

(a) English Skills Development - this steps through phonics / language skills in a logical ordered sequence as a series of 36 units; each unit includes a reading book (Fitzroy Readers, an Australian series) which is posted along with all worksheets about every 3-4 weeks (3 per term). This is the 'core' part of the Early Childhood program.

(b) Additional Reading - groups of 15-20 downloadable readers organised into 26 reading levels; students have access to one level at a time and read 15 of these books before moving on to the next, with a level generally taking about 3 months. HomeLearn is an authorised licensee of the Learning A-Z programs in Australia, and these are fully included in your HomeLearn program.

(c) Themes - which is the one part that is quite similar to our other courses, with a core reader linked with activities that relate the theme to science (experimental), society (group work), sporting (physical), plus technology and arts (creative and practical). These are available from the secure website and follow the same sequence as the other grade courses.

(d) Maths Skills - this is done, either through 'StudyLadder' (our recommendation) or some other online or book resource, but we help with initial level guidance where necessary.

As with all other course levels, curriculum notes and information, plus guidance and support are all provided to make sure your program works well and demonstrates conformity to the curriculum.