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Homeschooling with Themes and topics in Sequence

The HomeLearn program is built around a sequence of "themes" or Units to make sure that the full curriculum for Science and Society (History, Geography & Civics) is covered over the course of the year.

The themes springboard from the core reading book, and this theme is used to cover the curriculum topics at the student's age/grade level, while still maintaining and developing language at their reading level.

There is a close integration between the English, Science and Society, and the suggested plan moves from one to the other through the Unit of work.

All grade/course levels have the same Science theme at the same time, so cross-age group activities and excursions are possible.

This chart shows a typical sequence, in this case for the "Cougar" reading level.
Click on the cells on this chart for more explanation

Cougar Level (RA 6-7 years)

Book Science Topic SOSE Topic
puppets.jpg resources.jpg economics.jpg
ExtremeLives.jpg weather2.jpg natural&built.jpg
Bridges.jpg earthforces.jpg natural&built.jpg processB.jpg
FestivalFun.jpg astronomy.jpg cultureB.jpg
welcometobigtop.jpg energy.jpg careersB.jpg
On&OffRoadCover.jpg motion.jpg careersB.jpg processB.jpg
UpHighMountains.jpg ecosystems.jpg conservation.jpg
onprowl.jpg livingthings.jpg conservation.jpg processB.jpg
youngandwild.jpg reproduction.jpg citizenshipB.jpg
takealook.jpg adaptation.jpg citizenshipB.jpg processB.jpg
legendaryPlaces.jpg chemstructure.jpg historyB.jpg
hocuspocus.jpg chemreactionsB.jpg historyB.jpg processB.jpg

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