Home Learn - Homeschooling in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions about our Homeschooling program

   •  What is your vision / philosophy / reason for doing this?

   •  What are your views on the Australian National Curriculum?
   •  How does your program fit with the Australian Curriculum?
   •  Is your program accessible and suitable for students with special learning needs?
   •  What does the Australian Curriculum say about Diverse Learning Needs?
   •  What is the parents role in your program? (Is this 'homeschooling' or 'distance education'?)
   •  What if we are travelling? ... around Australia or overseas?
   •  Will I need a tutor?
   •  Is this a Christian program? What if we are not?
   •  Do you cater for Senior Secondary students? How?
   •  Do you cater for Early Childhood students? How?
   •  'Emma Chisset'? What will it cost?
   •  Where and how do I sign up?

To find out more please email us at enquiries@homelearn.com.au or phone (08) 9792 4914 or Click here to Join Now!