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Homeschooling with Christian principles

What is our understanding of Christian Principles and what does that have to do with learning in general and this web site in particular?

A "Christian" is a follower of "Christ": it is about a relationship, not a set of rules. That relationship is one is which Christ understands and cares for us and has our best interests at heart. It follows, then, that learning also needs to be about or in the context of relationship, and not about rules, and it needs to be done in a way that understands and has the best interests of the child at heart. Home schooling options tend to be chosen because parents are concerned about the relationship between their child and their learning. That's the first and fundamental Christian principle that this site is based on - supporting the relationship between parent and child and learning.

HomeLearn is not about a content that is necessarily drawn from Christian literature or sources. However, if you are a Christian parent, you can be assured that options will be available to continually support a Christian perspective on life and learning, and the mentors will be committed Christians supporting you and your child in this way. If you don't have that same "faith position", you can also be assured that this site is not a disguised way of pushing that position. The fundamental respect and support of the parent child relationship on which HomeLearn is based will ensure that your views are not openly challenged.

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