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Consulting Support on HomeLearn or Australian homeschooling

We are very pleased to be able to help you with detailed personal advice and support, specific to your situation - about the HomeLearn program or about home schooling in general.


If you are considering home schooling and want advice about the options available for your specific situation - in your state with your child and their specific needs - we can certainly help. Yes, we can advise about the HomeLearn program specifically, but we will also suggest other options that might be available and suitable for you.

You can email questions and we will give you a detailed answer for free, but sometimes all the talking in the world will still not really tell you whether it is going to work for you. That is why HomeLearn has the 'trial' approach for all new clients - your first payment of $49.95 gives you all that you need to get started and to find out if this program, and homeschooling itself, is suitable for you - and there is even a $20 refund if you decide not to continue. That's great if you want to 'give it a go!'.  However, if you are the type of person that wants to sort every detail before you step in, then we can help you with detailed personal advice.


This homeschooling and HomeLearn advisory consulting service is available to help you if and when you really need that extra, without compromising the ongoing low cost of the program.

The 'Buy Now' button leads to PayPal which will allow you to pay for and book a consultant to call you and talk through your personal needs. The payment is done by Paypal using credit or debit card (or paypal account if you have one).

Consultant advice options are $30 for up to half an hour, or $60 for up to one hour.

If you use significantly less than the time you have paid for in a session, then we will hold the amount in credit for a further call at a later stage if you need it again.


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